Marvin Burrage


Page #17

so when Tammy came back she said one of them bitches said she just talked to you the other day,then she pulled out this big ass knife and said if she catch me with them bitches its gonna be on…all I could do was lay there,it was almost a week in a half before I could walk and when I did I found me a cane to walk on and I went to the mall me and BOO, we had fun this girl that worked at footlocker couldn’t keep her hands off BOO,man she had a fat butt,seen my home girl Niece we lived on the same block in East Cleveland when we was kids,her girl Sabrina told me if I let her cut my hair into a style I could fuck I told her that would never happen,my brother Tim had his wife living on one end of the block and had his girlfriend on the other end I mean you could look down the Street at the other house,one night I am out the block by myself at Tim’s girlfriend house,when my brother Dave pull up with his girl,now I haven’t seen him since he ran off with my money,so he get out the car and ask where everybody at,I told him this is my block for the night he said cool cause he wanted to sell some dope real quick,I told him he couldn’t sell on this block he say why not I said for one you ran off with my money when I first came to Cleveland and two you are a dopefin,he say I am your brother I say you didn’t think about that when you ran off with my money,so you can get back in the car cause you ain’t selling dope over here,so we got in an argument and I told him point blank that this family don’t do dope and he said he was gonna knock me out and I told him if you don’t get back in your car I was gonna shot you,,that was my brother I wasn’t gonna shot him I just couldn’t except the fact that my brother was a crack head and he was the smooth one,so he left and I went back to selling dope..I stayed on the block all night I was about to leave when this girl pass by in this truck and I stop her she was a big pretty girl named Relina so we tailed awhile,she gave me her number and too me to call,later that night m and mike was out kicking an went and shot some dice yeh we did our thing,now when we lost we lost big,I remember one night when we went to Baby cakes after hour we had to throw the dice across a rope,man did we los our ass off,just to hear baby cakes say now go on back to the block ain’t that a bitch,now when I first came to Cleveland I brought this big pig bank and put it at moms house my plan was to fill it with all one hundred bills and I was doing good because every time I went to moms house I put at least 2 or 3 hundred dollar bills in the one day me and Mike was broke I said let’s go to moms house,we get other and grab the bank at first I try to pull the money out the hole nothing would come out I say fuck it and break the bank all I could do was stand there,wasn’t nothing in the bank all I could think about was that Willie and my moms got me,Willie was a crack head and my oldest brother, I couldn’t prove it but I knew,,now I looked at Mike and I knew we was gonna hit the block hard,we then went to the pawn shop and pawned all our jewelry,we stayed on the block all day,we didn’t buy weight we brought double up’ all day,the block sometime I the place to be because you see some of the crazyest shit,when Timmy B moved his wife on benham it was on,the next thing I knew Tammy was saying they are getting put out,first thing Mike do I say he moving in with his girl,I don’t know how long Tammy knew they was going to get put out because that day we had to move all her shit to the basement of the building she was living in,that night me and Mike an my son BOO we went to shot some dice I told Mike before we went in to roll with me because I am about to put it down,now HOBO throw the best dice games its big money there where ever his games is,side walks in the gas stations lot we got down,anyway we in the living room on a rug and I can’t get my roll on,I am losing all I got is $150 left,Mike looking at me crazy so I don’t side bet no more I wait on the dice to come back around I switch up my roll I spin the dice backwards in the air as I let them go somebody say catch them dice but the guy never catch them I pass I say shoot the $100 hundred I hit again by the time I got off the dice and from betting on myself I had $900 hundred I asks HOBO if he had a place for rent he said next door to him,you said give him $600 I gave that to him and then got right back on the dice I still left with $1200 hundred, I asked HOBO when I can move in he said anytime and gave me the keys,I dropped BOO off with Tammy and told he what I did she couldn’t believe I had did that because we never even talked about it but I took care of mine if we together, I went to the block got about 5 fins and made them move everything across the street, yeh we had some place to lay our head for the night and we’ll figure the rest out in the morning…..

DOC #256-209

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