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Live from MDOC (day 2), by Harvey Banner

Eugene walks in and ask what are you doing? Peanut says, “the people of New Beflaham down on Seben mile and Nuhshaw need to have the chance to commune wit da clawd and we need to raise some funds for da migrant workers transportation…and he passes a bowl to Eugene, what do I do wit dis’??? ask Eugene, IT’S DA COLLECTION PLATE YOU PUT DA MONEY IN IT!!!!!!,responds nutt, uh am I allowed to give you guys money ask Eugene? You ain’t giben me nuttin you gibing to the chuch nah put da money in da plate boi.. Eugene confused but he does place 5$ in the bowl and gives it back to Peanut leaving his room. Walking away confused Eugene goes back to his office and sits down.
Aye why the drips being dried up wet wet on the 269 cuz my chain da longest imma 269 dat ass and 313 on da dirty dirty I’m in where dat tunchi tunchi its time to give that giraffe a curl. wet wet says as he is bouncing back and forth bobbing his head in front of nutts room it a damn shame you doing wet wet like that, nutt: look mane we trying to hep those migrants who come cross the border seeking sylum and we can put dem to werk you know when I get out I’m starting my home improvement bidness but first I got to get dis money togetter go on down the hall and tell tre I said gibe you the juice and send one them co’s down herr
wet wet takes off to tre’s room.
Tre has mixed the best drink known using potato and orange juice pineapple juice and raisins and allowed it to ferment for 10 days
as wet wet enters the room he finds tre and jay bagging up drink. “Hey uh nutt say I got the juice” WHAT!!! man beat it I ain’t messin wit you, says tre.
Yeah but nutt say I got the juice gone try play me for I pay 4bottles right now… Look wet wet you cant handle this his ain’t that tunchi here this’ll put you on yo ass if you can handle this I make you the same deal as everyone else if you can down this cup its free says tre wait wait wait man we ain messin with him he gonna get us hemmed up says jay his money spend like anybody else responds tre so wet wet takes his 4bottles and goes to his room guzzling the bottles followed by a round of tunchi then he walks out of his room to yard singing loudly “I GOT A FEELING, I GOTTA FEELING BABY………
to be continued……..

DOC #362241

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