Edward McMillan

W.T.B.S.U, by Edward Mcmillan

A Poem .

Watch The Blacks Stand Up
The Black Queens And The Black Kings ,
To You Hearing These Words What Does It Really Mean ,
Life Has Been Hard For Us But
Still To This Day We Fight , Still To This Day We Stand Strong ,
And Still To This Day We Try To Lean Away From
The Pain And Move On , Its Time To Open
Your Eyes To See Whats Really Going On ! The Trap Houses
And The Government Assistance Was Made To
Cripple Us , Hold Up Wait A Second Let
That Really Digest On Mental Plate ,
Our Power Stand On So Much So Why Put It To Waste , Our Ancestors Faught To Get Us This Far
So Lets Continue To Fight The Rest Of The Way ,
The Police Kills Us Then Get Away With It Like Its
Just Some Easy Case Like We Just Some Messed Up Race , But Naaaa Its Time We Stand Up And Say We Are None Of That ,
Black Is Power And Them Knowing That , That’s What They Are Afraid Of.
Watch The Blacks Stand Up The Black Kings And The Black Queens !

Edward McMillan #714814
Raymond Labored Correctional Center
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport , LA 71327

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