The book “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” by Keith Brooks


Author Keith “Chaos Loc” Brooks is an incarcerated author, rapper, and entrepreneur currently serving a 15 year sentence in a Ohio state prison. Originally from Pacoima, California, Chaos Loc migrated to Dayton, Ohio. Bringing the code of “The Hill” with him, Chaos Loc was arrested for a brutal homicide at the tender age of 15.

From nationwide Rip Ridin’ in some of the most notorious neighborhoods, controlling his set on the prison’s mainline, to becoming a successful businessman, Chaos Loc has definitely earned his stripes.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop takes you on a wild trip through the dark side with Chaos Loc. Chaos Loc tells his story in an uncut, raw, unapologetic way with no cut cards. Dealing with the realities of losing his whole immediate family to death during his incarceration, Chaos Loc is faced with a big decision to make. He has to make a huge decision between success or death. Which option will he choose?

****Chaos Loc Speaks…

East Coast Mafia Entertainment in the building! This book means a lot to me. It tells a true survival story. I came face to face with death so many times it’s rediculous. I could’ve been dead or caught a life sentence a long time ago. I’m still alive for a reason. I’ve finally realized what my purpose on earth is. The story of my life is gonna penetrate through the souls of many. Especially the at-risk youth in my community.

Once everyone read my book “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” they’ll have a better understanding of who I am and why I move how I move. Not too many people in this world can go through the things that I’ve been through and come out on the other side undamaged. Living with a mental illness is some serious chit. Some people never overcome their mental health issues. Some people will never stop taking medication for their mental health issues. I’ve been suffering from mental health issues for years, so I know exactly what a lot of people are going through.

I beat my mental health illness. I no longer take medication for my issues. A lot of people might think that I need to medicate myself due to my past behavior and my present way of thinking. I know for a fact that I’m not in need of medication for many reasons. I accept myself for who I really am. I don’t need any pills in my system to function. I haven’t taken any psychotropic medication in over a decade. I’ve been dealing with reality all on my own. I decided to stop running from the realities of my problems.

I choose to deal with my problems head up in order to prove to myself how mentally strong and smart I really am. Instead of doping myself up, turning myself into a slow zombie, and sleeping my life away, I’m dealing with my issues like a straight up “G”.

Now that I no longer pop pills and cry about my misfortunes I’m on point like a MF. My mind is clear, my body is healthy, and I’m motivated to win. I take out my anger on my body during my extreme workouts instead of victimizing innocent people for no reason. I write songs and express myself through my music. I get even with the haters by succeeding in my profession. I’ve found other ways to deal with my mental health issues without depending on medication and counseling.

My point on speaking on this subject is because the sequel to my book “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” will inspire many to follow in my footsteps. I came a long way in my life. I’mma continue to be more and more successful as life goes on. As long as I remain solid and continue to focus on living a positive lifestyle, I’ll never lose hope, relapse, or return to living the life of a psychopathic criminal.

If you would like to witness my success story unfold right before your eyes, purchase a copy of my book and continue to follow my story. My new book “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” by Chaos Loc is available for purchase and Barnes & Noble. You can download the digital version from Kindle.

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