In this day and time the need to wear a mask is not just necessary but it is mandatory. However, when you have a certain skin color wearing a mask in public can make you look suspect, and can cause an immediate decline in life’s longivity. Some say that this is racial profiling, some say it’s a precautionary measure. But the some who have to go out and subject themselves to either a relentless disease or a relentless cop with prejudized bullets is forced to make a daily decision. Either allow the strength of one’s immune system to handle incalculable risk, or become a masked crusader. To mask or not mask, is that question or the problem?

Eyba “Prime Time” Brown
DOC #397750

Categories: COVID-19, Eyba Brown

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  1. If we’re all wearing masks, how can we tell who is doing the criminal act until it is acted out? I think covering a good part of our faces raises suspicion in our minds and wariness. I can’t even recognize friends sometimes when they are wearing masks.


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