Demale Rogers

TRICKKNOWLEDGE, by Demale Rogers

Trickknowledge is when you receive misinformation as if it is an accurate account of whats going on.Beware of TRICKKNOWLEDGE it is more dangerous than ignorance.

Today I would like to give a comparative analysis on trickknowledge.First I would like to get into a concise version of my case.I was convicted of felony murder 2903.02(b) which states that : “no person shall cause the death of another as a proximate result of the offender committing or attempting to commit an offense of violence that is a felony of the first or second degree”.

However as the record shows (record being my 16 page transcript,indictment & journal entry) I was convicted on a single count of felony murder 2903.02(b),however I was NEVER INDICTED of any underlying predicate offense,nor (as the record reveals) was I ever convicted or sentenced for having committed any such offense of violence of the first or second degree.

But in my transcript the charge of aggravated robbery was used to convict me even thoe I’m not under indictment for such crime!TRICKKNOWLEDGE Thus I’m WRONGLY CONVICTED OF FELONY MURDER due to the fact that the underlying predicate offense that HAS to be to uphold a felony murder conviction does not exist.Look up Ohio Revised Code 2903.02(b)

I’ve been incarcerated for a period in excess of : 15 years,I have jumped through each and every hoop with which I have been required,I have diligently sought to maintain good institutional conduct,work,rehabilitative records,and despite the fact that I’m truly ‘wrongfully convicted, I was recently given 8 years at the Ohio parole board.

My conviction is facially void & unenforceable yet I STILL SIT IN PRISON! The trick is I have been incarcerated for no just cause but when you look into the facts & see its all….TRICKKNOWLEDGE …..

Today men were being moved from one bed to another.The empty beds were left open due to men being sick and taken to what one Sargent called “death row” or quarantine. Yes officers are joking about the pandemic. At any rate we were told “it is to provide more space”……How so? when this institution is operating at 150% over compacity! Dorms were designed for 60 men now hold 111 men .Right now this dorm is at 104.
The trick is to make it seem in reports that space is being made but if bodies are not leaving the prison how can space be made?I’m sure this is a numbers crunch to report to the media.TRICKKNOWLEDGE …. its more dangerous than ignorance.

Your Brother and companion in tribulation

Demale Rogers #462-269
Marion correctional institution
po box 57
Marion Ohio 43301

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  1. Trick knowledge; fake news; welcome to this day and age in our world’s trying to take care of its own problems. Life is no different than the accounts in the Bible. Joseph was incarcerated for running away from his employer’s wife’s advances. God prospered him in jail and he became leader through the years of plenty and famine in Egypt. There are many in prison these days that should not be. I’m all for restorative justice which most of our penal system doesn’t understand. I’ve been working with Crossroads Prison Ministry for a number of years and have heard many stories and understand a bit about what’s going on. I’m doing what I can to encourage the 5-6 students I hear from regularly as I correct their lessons and write them a long letter. I’m praying for more workers for the harvest; more mentors for Crossroad’s program. The greatest need is to know Jesus Christ and the true love of God we have through Him. Amen.


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