Lachurn Terry

My Daily Prayer, by Lachurn Terry

god, be my resting place and my protection in hours of trouble, defeat, and dejection May i never give away to self -pity and sorrow,MAY i always be sure of a better tomorrow,MAY I STAND UNDAUNTED COME WHAT MAY, SECURE IN THE KNOWLEDGE I HAVE ONLY TO PRAY AND ASK MY CREATOR AND FATHER ABOVE TO KEEP ME SERENE IN GRACE AND HIS LOVE.

PO BOX 740

Categories: Lachurn Terry, religion

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  1. I am so glad God’s mercy is new every morning. We have His strength for today and hope for tomorrow only through Jesus Christ. May you find Him in each day; every turn you make, every look, every question. Love with God’s love no matter what comes at you; none of us can do it on our own. Hallelujah, we don’t have to! Since Jesus came into my life, in Him I live and move and have my being!


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