Charles Dorsey

DARKNESS, by Charles Dorsey

It is 11:00 p.m., Sunday, May 3rd and I am watching TBN where Pastor A.R. Bernard and Pastor Lentz who are both describing their experience with the Covid-19 virus. Pastor Bernard describes his experience as one of darkness and isolation. He even experienced out-of-body experiences (one). As I listened it was interesting to note that he described this virus as evil. Now I have written before about the nature of evil and death, and I do believe that those who died were on the path to death long before physical death occurred. So, we have to deal with the origin of “evil”. Now growing up as a Christian I was taught, and indeed the Bible teaches, that all things were created by Christ. And if we believe this then we have to overstand why Christ created evil. We must be able to go beyond traditional church doctrine to help people experience a deeper level of exactly who God is and what is the true purpose of life. I advise you to read my article entitled “Embracing the Call.”

Now, is the time for personal examination. I know the typical Christian response will be to focus on the “enemy” and forget that God uses both “evil” and “good” for his purposes. Now, some believe that Jesus paid the price and went through all the things that we are not able to go through; but, this is in direct opposition to the teachings of Christ concerning our response to what he did. He taught that we all must take up our cross and follow him. Jesus, the Bible says, is the first fruits of them are destined to come after him. The work of Jesus did not free me from the responsibility that I have to walk the same path that he did. The Bible says that Jesus learned obedience through the things that he suffered. Suffering is a blessing if we.view it in the right light. I believe that Jesus’ suffering before he went to the cross was all due to his wrestling with his own flesh which is dominated by the senses. If this is not so then what was the purpose? What benefit is his experience to us if it does not translate to what we are experiencing everyday. Have we forgotten the story of Job? If this pandemic has showed us one thing, it is that in order to move to a higher level we need a higher level of teaching.

Darkness is not evil. We forget that darkness existed before the light, and that the light shined out of the darkness. Darkness is where God dwells, darkness is where the manifest is born. We are afraid of the dark because we rely so heavily on our senses, and when the pastor was separated from his sense dominated body the mind automatically felt fear. But this experience is proof positive that we are NOT the body, we are so much more. Death to those who know is a release from this sense dominated body, because for us death has lost its sting which was the fear of death. The pastor now knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that we live beyond the body.

If this pandemic is not the work of God then we are all in trouble… Please meditate on these things…Peace

Charles Dorsey
DOC #1126323

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  1. John 10:10 The enemy does not come but to kill, steal and destroy; Jesus says, “I have come that you may have life and life abundantly.”
    So we need to stop blaming God for bad things that come. If we kick Him out of our society and families, He’s gentlemanly enough to back off where He’s not wanted. How long do we think we can condone infanticide in the womb, unnatural marriages and all the other things in our society without backlash? This is a time for us to turn to Him who died and rose to save us from death, hell and ourselves and repent for our own sins as well as the sins of our nation. I’ve heard MANY Christians having ‘out of body’ experiences that were blessed, awesome, and heavenly. A few have experienced literal hell and been shocked back to a real life of repentance. May we all dig deeper into our relationship with the God who made the universe through Chris who set us free; for in Him we live and move and have our being, with eternal life in heaven after!


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