James Kelly

I’ve Seen, by James Kelly

I’ve seen… I’ve seen people smile in my view,
but in the blind they’ll frown on you.
I’ve seen shady people in disguise of friends,
but in the streets that’s how it ends.

Envy, jealousy, and sickening hate, I’ve seen phony people who perpetrate,
They’ll shake your hand, then take your life, call you ”friend”, then bang your wife. They’ll smoke your dope, then rob your house, and talk to the cops just like a mouse.

Thats just life in the dark, its highly flammable-beware of spark.
In the dirt or in a cell, either way we’re gone to hell.
Tears dry up from the heat, but that’s just life in the streets.

I’ve seen needles filled with dope, dope fiend families with no hope,
junkies selling all they’ve got, I’ve shot guns and I’ve been shot!

I’ve seen dope shot in to veins, I’ve come so close to blowing out my brains,
crystal method and concrete walls, I’ve seen the penitentiary and juvenile halls, I’ve seen youth ranches and looney bins, and until this day I’m haunted by my sins. I’ve seen money smoked away, I was balling, but broke today.
If I went blind I’d be okay, I’d cut off my tongue with nothing to say,
I’d clip my ears, then chop my head, then I’ll roam the streets like the ”Walking Dead”. -Paya
“I’ve Seen” part 1

James Kelly
(aka: Difference)
DOC #59979

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