Homesick, by Spencer Sharp

Been gone so long, way too long im homesick
Wish i woulda learned young. Maybe id been home still
Cell to cell, Prison to prison got me feelin like im homeless
Hell to hell the way im livin has me forgettin what exactly home is
IM Homesick… im homesick, wish i could come home quick. Somedays so hopeless heeling like what home is? All this delusion gots me feelin homeless..

Tell me what the hell home is.
Feel like last night my chest was cut open
Soulless, I was dreamin, screamin at a surgeon
He told me he was certain, what i did deserved this.
woke up, felt like my heart was missin
Wonderin AM i Missed by All the Ones im Missin?
said they be close by
If i needed some to talk to.. theyd be there to listen
but everytime i wrote them
Wasnt no time for replies to be fit in

Im homesick
Land of the dark become what home is
Fit right in the absence of light, started calling them homies
… Now i dont feel so homeless
Yet still sign on the kiosk to a blank screen
Im homesick
In the hole not hopeless
Dont know where id be without my homies
Year left, imma be home quick
They say Home is Where Your heart Is
… I know where my home is
In seg for so many long months
Doin situps thinking the end
Aint too far off
Feeling sick of, everything around me
Feeling like id throw up, if i only hiccup
all my rights get throwed out got administration treating me like im Hitler
All over one throw down
All these night feel slowed down
Prayin this night be the night a mfr gets rode out
Not worried Bc i See the Light at the End of the Road Now
But for now i feel homesick, I dont know where my next home is
No word from back home, yea they still dont know what is homies fuck em in their own minds home they homeless
Wishin they would but it doesnt matter to Me
Its fuck them like fuck me when i Return

Spencer Sharp
DOC #724265

Categories: poems, Spencer Sharp

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