Wendell Callahan

Great Rising, by Wendell Callahan

“Great Rising”!
That’s what my mother always tells me.
Instead of “Good Morning”
because where is the good in ”mourn-ing”?
Thru every storm there is glory.
The shining sun Im adoring
when it peaks thru the decor
as my knees hit the floor
I thank the Lord for a new day!
My mother says… ”Son have faith”!
Even if its only the size of a mustard seed.
Trust that “HE”….
will carry u thru any adversity.
But sometimes I think I’m cursed.
When I thought life was getting better
it took a turn for the worse.
Becoming concerned,
I’m starting to think my prayers don’t work.
Introverted….Im looking within,
where I begin to assert my self worth.
The rebirth of my mother’s first,
baptized in eternal Greatness.
The devil loves to hate
when I maximize my faith.
I realize I’m safe,
when I gracefully take the time to pray
So when its my time
I’ll be embraced
inside the pearly gates.
Face 2 face with the creator…
No matter what u believe in,
we still pray to One God.
The Almighty, most high,
The ”Greatest Rising” of all time.

Wendell Callahan
DOC #740832

aka: “Cally Diamondz”

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