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Page 2, by David S. Cauthen Jr.


Breaking Every Chain, ©
[ Originally written 4/25/19 ]

Page .2.
by ras’ safidi-dawud
ibn eL-sihd negus of RSF,8P.M®

I’m ready to die
because ain’t nothing to live for.
This is my breaking of every chain.
The publishers probably won’t even publish this psalms,
because It’s outside of their mind frame. It ain’t black enough,
And it ain’t popular speech.
It don’t peddle weak wisdom of the great last hope, Democracy in the streets.
Fuck Democracy.
I don’t support a got damn thang with the sound of dimo in it.
Its too close to demon
And Gods don’t demon.
Black Gods don’t protest,
MSTA signs don’t surrender.
Fuck integration with the Nazi populations and the Gay Black Lives Matter pretenders .
If Black Lives Matter
Why we ain’t having black babies?
How we support CPS kidnapping systems?
Black Women cut out their ovary organs and Black men Doctors give them assistance.

See, you don’t really wont to hear the truth,
Of what it means to be Breaking Every Chain.
With abortion clinics
Decorating every corner
of the inner-city Black community thang.
Keep it real.
Let’s be one- hundred.
Matter fact, one-hundred and fourty-four. It ain’t the illuminati,
Or the skull and bones society,
who young black men and women have to fear.
It’s they own got damn parents
and grandparents,
who are too damn cowardice to throw the spear.

The serpents stand behind the pulpit,
Do you really want to break the chains? Than tell your local pastor
Black Jesus has returned with DAVID, And a hundred and 43 Names.
Jesus is in ADX Florence
and David is in the S.H.U.
By the time you read this build,
he’ll be on C-statuce
on a prison yard near you.
Mathematics don’t lie,
It just be in foundation.
We can’t claim we determined for Black liberation while protecting the neo- Nazi populations.

How in the hell they commercialize our lives
And build a corporate brand on our struggle ??
Black Lives Matter Incorporated?
Y’all some sick ass mothafuckas. Anything for Queen Elizabeth.
The devil ran out of time,
But Princess Meghan gone recover the hour and empower the crown with her insides.
I’d rather die lonely
In the darkness of prison and never had ever been known,
Than to sell my soul and seminal fluids to the devil for a little unknown.

“My uncle loves the devil because the devil gives them nothing”,
Wise words
Of the Master Fard Muhammad,
But his Uncle don’t make them mean nothing.
I don’t love the devil or it’s creator,
And we all know Allah is a Black woman. She cursed herself and Kissed herself, Than said it was a man that done it. Hash Tag Me Too??
Have they charged the women founders yet?
Last time I checked,
Her and a minor had sex,
But they hung R.Kelly for the exact same shit.
Double standards is a mother fucker, And the Oedipus complex kills change. They probably gone kill me for repeating these conversations that I heard in my 3rd Eye chamber dreams.

I don’t watch Television,
or listen to the Radio,
Because the frequencies can be channeled in our dreams.
They think we all blind deaf and dumb
of their higher faculties,
But I be tapping their gamma Reyes. Fuck breaking every chain !!!
I’m seeing X-reys, and ain’t nobody even listening.
I’m stealing Fighter Jets and aborting the mission,
Global change from another dimension.

What’s up with TMZ, Harvey Levin and Dreadlock Charles?
Culture vultures or Black Motivation?
RIP to Nipsey Hustle,
but Stanley “Tookie” Williams
deserves all praises.
From, ‘Blue Rage to Black Redemption, why don’t the real ones ever be mentioned?
From Gangsters Disciples to Growth and Development.
Does Larry Hoover have to die for H.I.S Redemption?

I’m just saying,
I ain’t praying.
I can tell a leopards spots by its colours.
Deployable living conditions is the new death sentence,
and the prison populations are distracted by under-covers.
Spoiled food and leaking roofs.
Flooded cell quarters and poisoned Fruit. Retaliatory ass whippings by crooked cops administered against prisoners who file law suites.
I ain’t no Jailhouse Lawyer,
I’m a political prisoner !!!!
Independent of the chain of command.
I three sixty my science In cipher, and seven twenty New Afrikan demands.
I’m seperated from fake news
And I don’t gossip from the side lines.
I’m in the struggle like EA sports,
trial and error is my guidelines.

Continued on page/blog .3.

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David S. Cauthen, Jr. / M.K.G Supreme
V92805 Satf- Cor D3:144
P.o. Box 5242
Corcoran Ca. 93216

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