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Live from M.D.O.C, by Harvey Banner

Live from M.D.O.C. is the first reality show from prison brought to you by Reallife production in association with Deepdishmedia, dumptruck.com
Peanut is the preacher who ended up in prison for tax evasion his church was his house, daycare,nail shop,salon,barbershop, auto shop, and homeless shelter Wet-Wet is an inmate with his own language the only thing he cares about is Jolly Ranchers candies the Berry blue ones episode 1 Wet-Wet thinks Eugene has taken his candies

“s’up man”, “Imma 269 that ass”, got to keep it drippin” soakin and locin where dat tunchi??

he says to the officer as he walks past Eugene. Eugene ask, “what’s going on sir”?

“shit I gotta 269 that dirty dirty an 313 namsain”, said wet-wet
what??? replies Eugene
wet wet walks away looking angrily at Eugene.
What is 269? Eugene ask another prisoner

Peanut “aye man!!! “I dont answer questions that start with who what when where so don’t ask me nothing!, unless u gonna donate some money to rev.Dr.rev. cleophus and his church on seben mile and crenshaw we take debit credit, cash, money orders, PayPal,
its yo option but you better have somphin for me today. Eugene has no clue what’s going on he’s new to the job and he don’t understand these inmates so he walks away just as peanut starts his sermon ” the claud has bought u here 2day …….Damn what going on do any of these guys speak English……….he walk into the office

Harvey Banner
DOC #362241

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