Religion, by Robert A. Smith Jr.

This is a very passionate topic for me, doing this time I have discovered that I hate religion. At least what it is today. Religion is hypocritical. Its division. I always tell people its another form of gang banging. Instead of colors, it’s sects and denominations. I experience this at one institution, they had several different Christian denominations: Seventh Day Adventist, Catholic, Protestant, Jehovah Witnesses, and the Mormon’s. Well I went to every service. But my up bringing was more in line with Protestant. Although I went to a Catholic church. Nevertheless, I wanted to see why so many different branches of Christianity was needed. And what I discovered was that they all have the foundation of God. And Jesus. However, there’s schisms in the tradition or details of how and if work will be performed. But me I was just going to here the Spirit of God. However, a lot of my Protestant brothers were telling me to be careful and don’t allow them to brain wash me. And saying the Catholics worshipped idols because they put so much value on Mary and all the ornaments, candles, crosses, incense, gold cups, plates, etc. involved in their service. Then the Jehovah Witnesses were saying Protestants are lost thinking they’re going to heaven, and according to the scriptures only 144,000 going to heaven. And we’re going to inherit Paradise on Earth. No ones going to heaven who’s currently living. Then they would say their the only sect of Christians that actually follow the great commission, going door to door preaching and teaching the Word of God. The Seventh Day Adventist would always talk about all the other Christian sects not honoring the Sabbath, but changing it to Sunday. They would say beware of the Antichrist amongst Christians. The Catholic instructor was the only one to stay mum regarding the other sects. They all had nothing good to say about the Mormons and felt I was lost and not secure in the faith when I started going there. Now I say all this to prove a point about religion, it’s very divisive. That’s not God! If we’re all suppose to be under the Christian umbrella than why so much back biting and gossiping on each other. Why are we worried about where the Spirit of God leads our Christian brother when its still amongst the fold. I really don’t understand all this. I could see if I were going to sit in with the devil worshippers, something totally oppose to the Faith, but other sects of Christianity. That type of hate and division shouldn’t be. Its One Spirit, many different ways. Religion makes you closed minded to where you can miss God. Because God is a Spirit and can and will use anybody to get you what you need. But if you’re so religious and only looking through tunnel lenses, you’ll miss God. And we know all the hypocrisy religion placed on the slaves here in America. The Bible was cited as justification for the cruel and harsh treatment of people of color. The preachers and slave owners conspired to use the Bible in such a deceptive manner that to this day I still here people of color equate religion with slavery. And that’s why I just consider myself a man of God. I read the Word myself, and allow the Spirit of God within me to give me guidance. Religion is an instrument of control. It keeps the masses of people docile why an elite group get wealthy and maintain power. God is love. God brings unity amongst fellow believers. Religion does the opposite. Everything the Bible says the people of the world do and act like, I see it in religion. There’s no difference between religion and the devils of the world. All yu got to do is look at the Catholic church and the sexual abuse scandal that’s been going on for centuries. They’re just getting caught. Religion still allows you to live like the world, there’s really no conviction. But when you know God, it becomes more personal. You don’t rely on a pastor or priest to be your only source for hearing God. You study to show yourself approved. Meaning you read the Word on your own. But religion says, come give us your money and go about business as usual. Being the devil and raising hell Monday through Saturday. But Sunday, come in to church as if nobody knows not even God. That’s religion. Religion is being out of touch with the God in you but playing a role and deceiving yourself. Religion pleases men and the world, God doesn’t care about the things that religion gives homage too. Religion is more outward show, Pharisees style, where as personal relationship is being in tune with the God within. A personal relationship for me is more preferable because it keeps me aware that God is not only omnipresent or omniscient but is inside of me when I submit to my desires. And the more I deny myself the more I’m able to see God in me. Religion calls it fasting. Religion has some good concepts when applied however most people that practice religion don’t apply them. And that’s the problem. If I’m going to church or pulling out my Bible only on Sundays how do I expect to get spiritual strong. If I’m only relying on this pastor or preacher to give me the Word of God, how do I discern its God and not men. On top of that, Religion says, if you’re not on what we’re on you’re being condemned to hell. Personal relationship says, God is in control of what or how you choose to believe on him, but what do we agree on or have in common. Okay, so you think Jesus was a prophet, well there were people in the day of Jesus that said or told Jesus he was a prophet. And Jesus didn’t say, O I’m going to kill you or you will not enter into my rest. So I try to stay away from Religion because it focuses on others, and doesn’t allow you to focus on God to get yourself together. I don’t care what the Muslims believe about Jesus, that’s not where my focus should be, there still my brother because they believe on Jesus. Read the gospels, you will discover many people believed on Jesus differently.

Robert A. Smith Jr.
DOC #477-176

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