What Happened To The World, by Darwain Rouse

What is the deal with Donald Trump (smh) why would he say tht disinfectant could help fight the coranavirus if injected.Wht he needs to say is; I don’t have to have all the right answers. Today, my ideas are just one man’s thoughts.

I live in Ohio and they plan on lifting the stay @ home ban which I think isn’t a good idea here or in your state, how about you?? 10 states have begun to reopen today. There has already been nearly 1 million cases and 55,000 deaths. I feel tht there is a 2nd wave to come for sure. And him not speaking @ the last press conference doesn’t make US as a country feel any better, right??

I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place with everyday I wake up here at Grafton Correctional Institution with all the guys on quarantine. I try to keep my mask on and be careful as I can during this hardship lord willing I don’t catch this because the proper help seems as it would be on a horizon. As I bring this to an end I would like 2 leave U with this quote. Also if U would like to see pics of me you can find them on

Indeed, this need of individuals to be right is so great that they are willing to sacrifice themselves, their relationships, and even love for it.
~Reuel Howe

Darwain(Dar’Juan) Rouse
DOC #682-173

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  1. I agree with you, i think the states should continue with the quarantine. Social distancing isnt enough, there should be a stricter lockdown. I don’t live in the US so i can only speak based on the things i see on the news, but it seems like the situation is getting out of control. In my country we’ve been in lockdown for quite a few months now and the death toll is at 300 now, which is not nearly as bad as in other countries.
    Stay safe and practice social distancing if you can!


  2. Eat well. Strengthen the body. Get sun if you can. Drink plenty of water. Reduce sugar. Make your mind strong. Quiet the mind. Pray. Meditate. This virus impacts the weak in Body, Mind & Spirit. The population has been purged since 165 AD. It is a regularly occurring process that purges the weakest of the species. Don’t me in the number with the weak. Blessings.

    Kevy Michaels

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