The End Result, by Terry Little

The world has been brought to its knees and exposed to one of nature’s many debilitating viruses, or maybe ‘one of mankind’s villainous attacks.’ (A statement implied by an associate of the W.H.O.) Whatever the case may be it has shown us we are no different than the next person, whether you’re Muslim or christian or any other religion; whether your black or white, man or woman, tall or short, fat or skinny, high or low IQ, we are all candidates for COVID 19, a virus that has claimed more lives across the globe in the matter of months than this planet combined sees in a near year.
This virus has revealed to us the flaws of humanity and particularly countries in themselves; and as I write this new paragraph I intended to go off into my theory of a conspiracy: Like population control, revenge of the death of the general in Iran, or an inadvertent mistake in a lab somewhere. But I’m not, rather I’ll stay on topic for now and criticize the leaders of the world who are supposedly in charge. I’m not saying I can do their jobs any better, yet I’m saying what pile of money was your head stuck in when the first signs of an outbreak that showed signs of having the potential to breakout across the world arose?
Why did you allow grants for the study of science be canceled in certain states, or every state? When did it become legal for families to be extorted by government ran facilities? (Yes this is really happening.) How are you sleeping knowing that you had the means to make a difference before this outbreak transpired but failed to be that innovator?
Greed and power has been the sole motivator of such ignorance and if it continues, it will only get worse.

Terry Little
DOC #A562207

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