One Day, by James Kelly

”One Day”, One day you will see, you will see what you mean to me.
I know I’m gone now, and I wasn’t what you needed me to be.
Once again you you have no daddy, but baby girl that’s on me.
They tell me you don’t want to talk to me, I’m sure they tell you the same thing. But its not true. I would give anything just to hear your voice.
I love you, want you and need you. You are the ”flesh-Of-My-Flesh, Blood-Of-My-Blood”.
My mistakes and my situation is not on you baby girl. One day you will see.
See God says that children are not supposed to pay for their parents sins. But right now you are suffering for my mistakes. For this my guilt, and regret torment my soul. But I owe you my life. Baby if it wasn’t for you I don’t think I would be around now.
You are too young to know or understand this now. But recently when I was out there lost in my addiction, broken HARTED, with an empty soul.
I was considering ending my life. I was just destroyed over a girl that pulled my hart out and handed it to me, being wanted, guilt over you and your brothers because I couldn’t even stay clean so I could see you.
I was just really sick mentally, strung out, dead inside and always said I would die before I went back to jail. But your mama called me and told me that you wrote a note at school saying you were suicidal.
Well God must be real. How does my little girl feel my pain? 50 miles away, at the exact same time. Just that was enough to save my life. It killed something inside of me, that you felt that way. But it also saved me and breathed life back in to me. Thank you.
Then a while later I called my best friend Chris and he was at his moms where his nephew (Rip) had hung himself.
Just your message was enough. But this was a clear message from God for me to LIVE-LIFE.
So baby girl one day I won’t be sick, addicted, and incarcerated. Baby girl ONE-DAY, One day you will see. You will see the man God meant me to be.

Dear God,
Please forgive my sins. Lord your word says my kids are not to pay for my sins. I pray that you just give them the strength and courage to use this adversity to mold them to be, who they are supposed to be.

Khi, Jaiden, and Nevaeh I love you all, no matter what.
My heart and prayers go out to the Morgans and their family. A baby n
boy lost his life, for this I am dead inside, but will never give up on my life. Any time I feel like giving up, I will remember the little boy that took his life.
His life will not be in vain. This I promise you. God please give this family the power to be strong.

James Kelly
DOC #59979

aka: Difference

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