Lost and Found, by Terrell Yarbrough


as a heroin addict she never had a saviour,
she’s only 15 and now she’s pregnant by a stranger.
her daddy always beats her thinking that will change her,
so she sells her body on the streets now, I can’t say I blame her.
how can anyone save her is my thought everyday, she’s so beautiful and smart but that needle drives her pain away.
she was raped three times but no one would hear her screams, only 15 yrs. old and she’s losing all her dreams.
her veins crave more now than anyone can offer, she said good bye to her baby with a coat hanger because it was to late for the doctor.
she’s hit rock bottom and she’s been their now for years, still thinking about her baby still brings her endless tears.
so one day she hit her knee’s and this time not for the money,
she said god I’m lost, I’m hurt, and I’m hungry. so as a heroin addict she now found a savior, Jesus is now her heroin can’t say I blame her.

Terrell yarbrough
DOC #a396-299

Categories: poems, Terrell Yarbrough

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