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Introduction Blog, by Wendell Callahan

Hello, My name is Wendell Callahan and I am currently incarcerated in an Ohio prison (Madison Correctional Institution). I am 39 years young and like many men in prison, I am fighting for my life trying to prove my innocence and take back my freedom. I was convicted of murder in 2017 and sentenced to 66 yrs to life. Which means my first parole date isn’t until 2080 something… Its a traumatic and unfortunate situation but I’ve found different ways to cope with my situation on positive levels. Every day is a challenge. Especially with all this madness of the pandemic. But I’m a firm believer in God and I keep a close relationship with the most high to help me thru this.

I enjoy writing to pass time. From poetry to intellectual writings between my mind and my heart. Writing for me is very therapeutic. Its a way to escape from the reality of the environment around me. So hopefully this blog will in some way uplift a few readers from the words I speak. I’m a positive individual looking to spread more positive energy throughout the world if I can. Thank you for taking the time to read my words and God bless you all.

Wendell Callahan #740832
P.O. Box 740
London, Ohio 43140

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  1. I’m so glad I got connected with this blog. I volunteer as a Mentor for Crossroads Prison Ministry and didn’t know prisoners were able to blog. If anyone wants to learn about the Bible and Christian living, I recommend Crossroads. They now pay postage for the lessons and are always working to improve their correspondence course lessons as inmates give feedback. Lord, bless these efforts to get the word out about our “correctional” system. Amen.

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