Anthony Cockroft

Thought for the Day, by Anthony Cockroft

Fruitfulness in love is not measured by the production of children, but by the level of communication, tenderness, friendship and happiness of body and soul. A person’s concept of God does not matter, nor whether he or she believes or not in his existence. True spiritual development is something which goes far beyond belief; in fact, belief is the antithesis of spirituality and is at the root of all kinds of superstition. True spirituality can never exist without a genuine understanding of all the invisible processes of nature and the unknown laws which govern the creation and evolution of the human being. Spirituality is true wisdom and not devotion which has its limits. For true love can only appear between 2 independent beings, each of whom must keep their liberty and individuality. Love needs poles; it cannot occur in unity but only in duality. True love is the free flow of energy between 2 poles, not their union. Symbiosis and love are 2 different things. To love invariably means to give and this is only possible when there is a certain degree of inner development. To love is to give the exuberance of life itself. Love can only be born of an integral mature relationship between 2 beings who has undergone the development and evolution of their own Egos. The exercise of true love is an act of integral manifestation of the consciousness of intelligent, mature beings. A man radiates the active principle of God, and a woman the passive or conceiving force of nature. Neither is superior to the other; they are merely different. One should understand how different they are so that they may be understanding and communication between them. People have given up real existence in favor of an imaginary one; instead of doing and living, they prefer to dream. They suffer from the form of cowardice and impotence. Which leads them constantly to avoid the risks of life. For them “dream” risks nothing.

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