Epidemic 2 Pandemic, by Wendell Callahan

Times have changed…
We are living in the age of information
yet these days have been plagued
with the transformation of civilization.
Controlled substances are patrolled by
our so called government
subdivisions made subsequent
and they call this socialism.
Families broken from social distances
then they throw us in prisons.
Seems as if the mission was
to deminish us from the beginning
but as the world keeps spinning
Gods people will continue on living
despite we are sinning
the creator is all forgiving.
Free the wrongful convicted
and rebuke all wicked…..
I hope these words can be gifted
to all those who need uplifted.

Wendell Callahan
DOC #740832

aka: “Cally Diamondz”

Categories: COVID-19, Wendell Callahan

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