Montusa Pace

IT IS FINISHED! by Montusa Pace

Three words, with so much power… To my street dudes, God has commuted our death sentence. Many of us, myself included, was headed for the gas chamber, but all praises due, to a forgiving God! A loving God!..

I tell cats all the time, ain’t nothing wrong with being a Christian. I drape MY banner across my back, and wave MY flag proudly. I know and understand, I ain’t lose no cool, I just became cooler…, and I ain’t lose my swag, I became more swagged out Lol.

Seriously though, this ain’t bunny rabbit time. This is the time to praise him. The KING of KINGS, the LORD of LORDS.

When Jesus was on his way down the Mount of Olives, on the back of the colt, the disciples began to rejoice and praise him with a loud voice… The Pharisees was like, “get your people bruh! They’re wilding, and they entirely to loud. Rebuke your disciples bruh.” Well that’s the way I saw them saying it Lol. The Lord simply said “I tell you, that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.” GLORY!

Praise him! I refuse to let some rocks out praise me. Glory be to God, for his sacrifice. Glory be to God, for his love.

God will take a heart of stone, and turn it to a heart of flesh. I’m living proof… You see, I had a mean team, when I was in them streets. So I thought, (he said with a raised eyebrow Lol), but I’m on a REAL team now, and WE’RE WINNING BABY!

It’s never to late to get down… “A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.” All you need to take is 4; REPENT, CONFESS, BELIEVE , and RECEIVE… 4 steps, towards a new life and a new love… (Romans 10:9-13).

John 3:16-17, says it all. SALUTE!


Montusa K.T. Pace
DOC #1170776

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