by Travis Tucker

Confederate South(Release All Prisoner’s Now)I doubt it,they would die before they free a slave!!!This is a small contribution to freedom,justice,and equality…And the mentality of slave master!!!

Prison complexes are the most vulnerable places in the u.s that this virus is capable of pure destruction of life on a mass scale,There’s no escaping it one medical station of nurse’s who are ill equipped an unprepared to respond to these cases,look at the juvenile facility of bon air there kid’s send them home or this is a hate crime on the u.s government and another assault on colored people who out number all other races2-1!!!The close proximities that inmates share being double bunked and pod recreation makes our reality symbolic to the walking dead!!!There’s no evading this virus,were told to wear our mask in practically our living corridor’s prisoners are already in a state of isolation, Which means it could only be bought in by prison official’s or the food supply,However this is a dangerous gamble for offender or staff it affects everyone and there families there’s no winners in a situation to fight this virus in most of these prison’s is out right delusional reckless and no different then the state of our President…America needs real leadership,Harold Clarke the director of the v.d.o.c has been progressive to a degree but there’s no real solutions fighting this virus in these close confines,It’s no different then a old folks home…Our medical staff is vastly under manned and inadequate medical treatment,skills,space is a Melton pot for casualties beyond measure…To acknowledge this and do nothing is a travesty and injustice to humanity,and basically the government abandoning our constitutional rights…We are already being made to suffer,no visitations or contact with our love one’s,limited recreation…While being placed on restrictive movement,While our leaders play a dangerous game of politics with thousands of lives.It is my believe and hopes that all prisoners be set free to reside with there love one’s even if it’s through legal conditions of ankle bracelets,Monitor’s etc…Even if we had to sanction the national guard,and we can use our jails for anyone whom violates said law’s,This is a confinement in itself.I believe that this our duty to all our citizens in prison or out,This is a respect to life and call for self preservation for we may need these same people to help rebuild a functional economy,society and new standard for crime and punishment…This is the time where the whole country needs to come together and sow the seeds of love,peace and happiness and build a new world!This is the time for bold actions and real leadership…The releasing of a few thousand inmates with a year or less with no violent crime’s isn’t a solution to the prison crisis but a mere political ploy to portray our government is proactive when infact with the numbers of prisoners waiting to enter the system from the jail’s balances those inmates right back out,the core issues is the harsh sentencing of 85% of your time and no parole for the v.d.o.c prisoners who was sentenced after 97….We are doing dead time!!!No human should be in prison during a crisis such as this,I don’t care how much time you got.The problem they had in Texas is one of political game’s,releasing offenders without a plan has to be tactical,a state like Texas who locks up so much of it’s population not knowing that it was highly possible that an exfelon would commit a violent crime.And then use this to keep offenders confined what are we stupid???Let’s stop playing political games with people lives,Of course everyone doesn’t appreciate there freedom these crimes is no more distant then someone breaking the law everyday that never been to prison…I can not believe a person who has been incarcerated for ten or more years would be inclined to play with there freedom maybe 1 or 2 out of ten,Let’s use a little logic and reason as well as statistics…Virginia must act,and it must act now.And society has to stand up for those of us who can’t stand for themselves…This is a call for duty to every man,woman,and child!!!I want to be with my family,please let me die if I must with those I love,let me be there for them.This is my humanitarian cry….

(U.S Strong)

America oh America,What do we love life or wealth?
when will stop playing politics when no life is left?
keV got cancer with five year’s just his wife is left/
brothers panicking all around me that’s despite they health/
Prayers been sent up to god cause our government cold/
can’t serve time if I’m dead what they want is my soul/
I want to face time with my daughter all I need is a phone/
I want to help heal the world all I need is a home/
please free every political prisoner it’s a crime if you leave us alone….messages saved this to the free world over the a speaker phone!!!
this is dedicated to all those beautiful people who lost there lives depending on our government to protect us,warn us,And all those who sacrifice on the front line giving there lives time and energy driven by the call of compassion and duty…. This is dedicated to the sick people around me with illnesses and diseases and those who may or may not have already contracted covid 19 who are at the mercy of an unstable prison who don’t even have the means for testing…These the last words of a hanging slave!!!

Travis S Tucker #1091722
Nottoway Correctional Facility
P.O box 488
Burkville va, 23922

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