Jacob Smith

Unknown, by Jacob Smith

The days go by I feel like I can touch
the sky. My kids playing and running
around one of them fell to the ground.
I run to the rescue and I tell the dog to
shoo but what was I suppose to do.

I say I’m happy but why am I so
snappy. I maybe 22 years old but I am
bold. I stay strong and know right
from wrong. I say hello to a brand
new day and watch the birds fly away.
I stay cool I clean the pool but why
am I so cruel.

Today’s the day to have fun but not a
tun. This life is the best as can be
sooner or later you will see. I am a
man that stands his ground but what
has this man feed up and upside
down please dont frown turn that
frown upside down and stay happy
and play real games and not these

Jacob smith
DOC #747143

Categories: Jacob Smith, poems

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