FEARMONGERING, by Dean Giacomo

I believe that like Price Gouging, that those who Fearmonger should be held accountable for their irresponsibility in the panic and senseless terror they cause. I am no doubt referring to the press.
Why are people so easily lulled into a state of fear, why are they blinded by deceptive words, have logic and commonsense been replaced by ignorance and a sheep-like mentality? apparently so.

It seems to me that the press is now so absorbed in maintaining high ratings that they will “report” anything, be it true or a obvious falsehood with minimal , if any, basis in truth. On top of lies and misleading “reporting” the press is no longer delivering the news but is actually sensationalizing –tabloidesque,if you will–everything to the point were the late great reporters (i.e., Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, William F. Buckley, of the not so distant past are turning in their graves.

What has happened that at the mere mention of the word snow, and there is a run at the grocery stores , and all the milk and other trivial things are HOARDED when there is no logical or sane reason for it.
What has caused the world today to live in fear and panic for no reason. I think the more important question is why do people and, especially the media (TV,PRESS,RADIO and SOCIAL) knowingly feed the public hyper-exaggerated information(e.g. everyone who dies –except for obvious reasons i.e. like being hit by a train their death is being attributed to COVID-19, and if you go to a hospital with a cough and fever, this too is being attributed COVID-19, this unfoundedly swells the numbers of alleged cases of virus, and the masses fall for these misleading statistics hook,line,and sinker, like sheep being led to the slaughter– with the purpose of playing on their fears and thus manipulating people to watch the news (and there must be some other hidden agenda involved that would serve someone someway)

You may think I sound like a conspiracy theorist but there are a lot of things that are not right and never will be again,which leads me to another issue:
SOCIAL DISTANCING, OK I see that it is important to do to stop the spread of this virus, but on the other hand, I see it setting precedent,after all this COVID-19 is said and done, I’d bet that there will be a lot less handshaking and intimate contact among people . And large gatherings will soon cease to exist and all business and socializing will be conducted via the Internet. Is this the society we, as human beings, who by nature are social creatures,want? In my eyes the future looks bleak, like a science fiction novel.

Since I am an inmate my opinion matters for naught but I watch the news and am in contact with real people who live in the real world is I am not totally ignorant on what’s going on and though I may not be ignorant, I am scared nonetheless about the shape of things to come. This is something to ponder.
I’m gonna sign off on this blog, and if anyone has comments or thoughts they’d like to share. I’m open to discussion and criticism.
I will say good bye for now.

Dean Giacomo #1207157
Nottoway Corr. Ctr.

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