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Introduction Blog, by Edward McMillan

Greeting Beautiful People All Over The World ! I’m A Black Male: City Of Birth New Orleans : My Name Is Edward McMillan : D.O.B 11°10°1997 : My Age 22 : Religion Islamism (Muslim) : My Release Date Is August 19 , 2020 “But I’ll Be Leaving Sooner Then That In The Next Couple Of Weeks After I Finish My Last 3 Session In My Goodtime Class.” I’m A Very Magnanimous Individual , I Love The Nature Of Life Because I Look At Life As A Puzzle Its A Reason In Life Why All Things Happen Its Just Up To The Human Beings Of This Nature To Figure Them Reasons Out , Because In Human Nature We Become What We Accept. But Most Of All I Love Laughing , Traveling , Trying New Things And Communicating With Individuals All Over The World , Because I Understand The Life Of Communication And As We All Know It Takes Just A Second To Meet Someone But A Lifetime To Get To Know Someone . PEACE AND BLESSINGS TO ALL THE PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD !!!

To Contact Me On The Jpay App Just Put In My Name And Doc Number And I’ll Pop Up Edward Mcmillan #714814

To Contact Me Threw Mail The Address Here Is:

Edward McMillan #714814
1630 Prison Road
Raymond Labored Correctional Center
Cottonport , LA 71327

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