Corona Virus, by Robert Smith Jr.

A lot of people are feeling a way about the Corona Virus, so am I. There’s a lot of deaths and suffering caused by the virus. It has even pushed back my early release court. However, there’s so much beauty that has came from the Corona. It has brought American families closer together, they’re not as busy with the day to day hustle of trying to survive. They can actually sit at home and eat a cooked meal together. It has forced America to rely solely on American made products and businesses; proving that we don’t need to be as dependent on other Nations. It has created opportunist, seeking to supply a need, face mask. It has also sent a lot of inmates home early or placed them on house arrest. Which is preferred to incarceration any day. It’s really not all that bad when you think about it, it took a lot of my relatives out of the rat race or matrix. I can finally catch up with people and it allows people to sit down and deal with themselves. Because most people are running from something. I was in the hole a few weeks ago, and I asked a few guys, if you had life in prison would you let them give you the Corona to go free? All said yes! In fact, some said they don’t even have life and they’ll take it to leave right now. So where it may look bleak to some, it’s always the other side of the coin. Like I was talking to my sister the other day and she made me think a little deeper about a fleeting thought I been having. How the Corona smacked America with a reality check. No matter how big your check, your assets, your net worth, your drip(slang), you still had to be in that house at……..L.O.L. You still couldn’t fly, entertain, rap, act, or do any kind of business as usual. It should have humbled the most arrogant. It showed despite all the money in the world, you got to walk around with a damn face mask on too. Now it may be a Fendi or Chanel and/or yu may even have someone who holds it for yu but yu still susceptible to catching it, like all the common folks. And when the stores placed limits on items that went for all Americans. Now someone may be saying what about all the people who died or lost love ones. Death is inevitable, whether it’s Corona, a car wreck, a heart attack or a bullet we’re all going to go. No one, but the spirit of life is going to live on. So what’s your thoughts about Corona?

Robert A. Smith Jr.
DOC #477-176

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