Robert Smith Jr.

Introduction Blog, by Robert Smith Jr.

Thank you for this opportunity.

My name is Robert A. Smith Jr and I’m 39 years old. I’ve been incarcerated since August 2004 and my release date is January 2025. Since I’ve been incarcerated I have grown a lot. In the beginning I had a wild phase, stayed getting tickets, but now I only get in trouble if it calls for it, i.e. to protect my life or manhood. These last few years have been my most productive. I’ve become a Certified Fitness Trainer and Paralegal. I’ve also got an Associates Degree in Theological Studies. As well as, wrote and published two books, “Radical Jesus In Me” and “What Can I Do A Felon?”, both available on Amazon. But my greatest accomplishment is my personal relationship with Christ. It keeps me alive. After doing so much time I still have my sanity and a peace that surpasses all understanding. I enjoy the simple things in life. I find humor in the most trivial things. My contact info: you could email me at or write me at: (Robert Smith #477-176, P.O.B. 80033, Toledo, Ohio 43608) is subject to change pending this Corona Virus, I have a court date on the 29th of April for early release, and I’m expecting to go home, which you can email me at: radicaljesusbook@gmail. com

Robert Smith Jr. #477-176
P.O. Box 80033
Toledo, Ohio 43608

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