Christopher Bey

Color me this Colour me that, by Christopher Bey

Today if you were to approach the average individual and ask them the question, “What is the difference between black and white?” You’d be amazed at the perplexed look on their faces as they gave their definitions. Ironically, when you pick up a good dictionary and begin to examine the context of the definition of both these words, and you strip away all the additives and adjectives, you will discover that both of these words are the same…Some may choose to disagree, which is their own prerogative, however, it does not alter the facts. Black and white are both colors which are lacking in hue, it’s a simple as that. So why have people placed so much time and emphasis on trying to distinguish themselves under the premises of one being better then the other? I remember a time one of my aunts scolding my cousin and I because she heard us chanting loudly in our anthem, “I’m black and I’m proud!”” She asked why were we saying that? I still can hear her voice as she made the statement, “There’s no continent named Black and neither is your skin.” She asked us, “Where did we get that from?” Sadly It has taken me damn near forty years to figure out the answer to that question,which is Someone made it up. I can imagine that there are many conscientious objectors who will disagree. Some will even go as far as to try and defend the position by trying to explain with a bunch of hyperbole to justify the perpetuation of error, which has manifested a culture of ignorance and degradation and destruction upon the masses. As an individual who is squared by truth, I am not in a position to concede or conform to any other understanding that is not supported by accurate information. Unfortunately, we exist in a world and society that allows us to perpetuate ideas and concepts without examination of the consequences they create. It is even more sad that people who are forced into these ideas and concepts, whether it be through the reinforcements of miseducation or culture, do not have the minds to even question how and why such things exist. Many people do not know that there is a difference between the definitions of common language and legal language…Just because it’s commonly spoken does not necessarily make it legally spoken. The word color or colored in the common use is defined as, a thing which has a vivid distinctive quality, personality, or special character it also means to cause to appear different from the reality and is inclusive of influence or bias. The word color or colored in legal definition is: An appearance, semblance, as distinguished from that which is real A deceptive appearance, a plausible, assumed exterior, concealing a lack of reality, a disguise or pretext. It also is inclusive of the meaning of colorable, which is, in appearance only, and not in reality, what it purports to be, counterfeit, having the appearance of truth. Colored by common usage in America, this term, in such phrases as “colored persons,” “the colored race,” “colored men,” and the like used to distinguish negroes or persons of the African race, including all persons of mixed blood descended from negro ancestry. One might consider the meaning of this information in application of the reality in which we have presumed ourselves to be a civilized people…As a man who has been subjected to the harsh realities articulated by the hands of others, whose disregard for truth and the recognition of conscience objectivity when it comes to the respect for all humanity, I am inclined to ask the question, “Who colored who?” To be a ‘colored man’ is to imply, that I have the appearance of a man, but I don’t have the substance??? This may be harsh point of view for most to receive, because it brings challenge to the perspectives of identity, which is a subject of great controversy, both in history and these modern times. In particularity to the context of our historical and present social identities being portrayed within the various forums of media, such as music, television and the internet, etc. It’s a painful recognition of the times, where this world sits on the brink of decay and drestruction and still yet we have no comprehension of who we are as the people of humanity, who ‘act ‘ under the premises of civilization, yet we still embrace archaic thinking which takes us beyond the purpose for which we should be united…There is only One God, which means, that if there is any expectation for the advancement of our civilization as a whole, we must embrace the oneness in a common objective…’Love’. If I love you, I tell you the truth. I be and and act conscienctiously with respect for myself and others… If I have love for self, then it is important that I too be myself….But in order for a man or woman to be themselves, it requires examination, so that we may know the heights and depths and widths of the potential that exist, should we embrace who and what we are… At some point, we have to change the narrative and become the change that we desire to see.

Christopher L. Webster Bey #G34518
Corcoran, CA

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