Demetrius Copeland

Guilty Who, by Demstrius Copeland

Guilty who ? I’m unbalanced in the cruelty of the punishment not justified inside of its own law’s, two wrongs don’t make a right, so there are two things that are majorlly flawed.
Both of these injustices are pointing fingers at the other to try lighting their own individual contempts and disregards, though neither make much sense for the person in the middle because in reality he is the only one whose really involved and left mentally and emotionally scarred.
Guilty of being innocent but physically trapped inside of a concrete cage, you say I’m not suppost to be, so please tell me why it is I shouldn’t be fill with much rag.
Why so many years taken away from my life for a crime I didn’t commit ? yet there is still no justice for my innocence, so inside of my own thoughts and feelings I sit.
Never giving up hope, because I’ve lost so much already, therefore I stay focused on what I can change and pray that justice won’t forget about me Mr.Demetrius Copeland. Guilty Who ???

Demetrius Copeland
DOC #459447

email: Jpay

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