Introduction Blog, by Travis Faulkner

Hello all, my name is Travis Faulkner, i am 31 years old from columbiana co. Ohio. I am writing this on my own behalf. I have been incarcerated 2 an half years for low level drug offenses. i have 70 days left on my sentence an i dont understand why i can not bee evauluated for this mass release. i am a non-violent offender with underlying health conditions so if anyone out there can help me contact the upper administation with the ODRC to help get me realease would be great. I am willing to comply with all restriction from the parole board and or county courts. My case is out of Jefferson co. Ohio and i feel I meet or exceed the criteria the Governor explained last week on the news. Also, why should i be put in danger with only weeks left on my sentence.

Travis Faulkner #703-900
P.O. Box 57
Marion, OH, 43301

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