How’d we get here? by Savon Davis

Everybody’s talking Corona. Over 100,000 victims worldwide, whole countries on lockdown, people worried. Its crazy. With constant news coverage, at some point everybody thinks “what if”. What if I get it, my mom, dad, wife etc.

Over the past month, I’ve heard a lot of prayers & well wishing as the empathy much of society seems to suppress is now abundant. The reality of this situation seems to have humbled lots of people. My only question is why does it always take for disasters to occur for communities to unite for the good of EVERYONE without prejudice?
Wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, all kinds of horrible things happen and we see hundreds of citizens meet in one place to help. We see fundraisers that celebrities support & more. Those responses are beautiful to me. Genuine love.
I’m just lost as to how chaos is the new normal. Children being bullied to the point of suicide is normal. Divorce rates are so high. Violence being posted on the web is common & chaotic shows like Housewives, Maury Povich & court shows have never been more popular. Even politics being chaotic is normal now.

Its unfortunate that we see so many disasters but its also unfortunate that during times of “Peace” we really aren’t at peace. So how’d we get here? Naturally/instinctively we are good ppl. We will help strangers in crisis. We can be a good parent, spouse or friend. So why so much chaos? We were Corona to ourselves before Corona. It was a trickle UP effect.
How? Families aren’t close like before with elderly wisdom, values & principles being taught. Our division helped the spread. Our need for “independence” gives kids busy parents, not the “VILLAGE” it takes to raise them. This effects our communities, relationships and ultimately how our government is run. People are different from how they were in the ’70’s, ’80’s &’90’s.

We can make lots of excuses for how life got crazy. But if you’re one of those people, look at your elders. That couple that’s been together for decades in total PEACE while the world is in chaos, then ask how’d I get here? Sacrifices will need to be made, but they’re WORTH it.
Take care.

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