Harvey Banner

Paradise, by Harvey Banner

The gates are closed….. Hello??
I am out side…How do I get in?? a voice asks
“What is the Password”. must I peal through the Palaver Pardon my Parlance your perfume drives my Passion to your Peculiar Palatable Pearl I must Persevere your Penurious behavior makes the Peristalsis of my id identify the ilium, during this illustration I will illuminate your imagination don’t be insecure b4 you inquire there are no illusions I must be 100% clear you are the inspiration. This is nirvana I never want to relinquish this, no nostalgia here I hope you notice my nourishment is solely your nectar! yet I keep searching for a key have my words failed me our kindred spirits cre8 the kiss of our atmosphere the keen senses of a king…. I feel the heat radiating from you to me as the following ease off my breath. P???? I????N???? K????
eureka the gates have opened and I enter n2 Paradise

DOC #362241

email: jpay.com

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