America Economy, by Douglas Haddix

Sorry! Those that which to see the President gone are doing anything they can. The economy was great, but this virus must go on until August of 2020. The idea that Trump will run on the economy is gone. The Dems have made America great again. Crisis after Crisis against the President. America lives in a place that the media cries the skies are falling. I am a prisoner and I want the economy to bottom out so I can be released. So, Dems and Socialist please continue to cry like chicken little that the sky is falling. Your insanity is my release. The President gave you a great economy and a way to keep all state prisoner in for life, but your hate is my freedom. Thank you for giving us Covid-19. Continue to instill fear into the America population. Dems, Make America Free again.

Douglas Haddix
DOC #304270

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