Kevin Mayon

Introduction Blog, by Kevin Mayon

Hi my name is Kevin Mayon i’m 33 yrs old and i’ve been incarcerated since Sept,2007 and my release date is Jan,2030 if my clemency don’t work out.

I am a very outgoing person i love to meet new people, i love to make people laugh. I like to smile, i think the world would be a better place if people smiled more but who am i to change other people. i’ve very ambitious, i’ve acchomplished 2 trades since being locked up, one in automotive technology and another in collison repair. i’ve also obtained a certification in forklift operations, as well as my OSHA 10 general safety card.

I was locked up at a young age and if my clemency don’t work out for me i have 9 yrs and some change left to do, but that hasnt’ stopped me from trying to be a better man while in here so that once i am released i’ll be a better son, brother, uncle and one day father.. Everyone makes mistakes just some get caught, but the difference between the ones that get caught and the ones that dont’ is sometimes the ones that don’t get caught it’s their last mistake atleast i get to right my wrongs and make something out of my life some of the other ones dont’ get to..

My contact info is:

Kevin Mayon #576209
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport,La 71327


Kindest Regards: Kevin Mayon.

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