Carlos Piper

COVID-19 IS IN MY PRISON! by Carlos Piper

this carona shit is real y’all! I hope everybody is takin all of the safety measures n precautions seriously, I don’t think alot of us young people are taking this shit serious someone just died from this shit in my prison n they just found 4 more cases just TODAY they also moved over 20 other prisoners HERE from another prison that had that shit! why would they even think about intermingling any group of people from 2 different prisons is beyond me n them already knowin all of these other devistating stories in other prisons now all of a sudden mufuckas got that shit here! I’m tryna get the fuck outa this bitch, I literally just did 11 years str8 I have 70 days b4 I go home I’ve been hearing so many cases where prisoners were as short as 5 days from going home and they wouldn’t release them he caught the carona virus and died! can anybody tell me what sense does that make? they just signed a bill here in jersey to release people within certain guidelines in which I’m in but they aren’t telling anybody anything I don’t know if they’re gonna make me do the rest of my 70 days but I meet the requirements they had set for people to be released anyway on a more positive note I dropped my first single in 12 years from prison! now on all major streaming sites such a Applemusic, Pandora, Amazon, Google play, iTunes and many more please help support I’d really would like if any of u guys who do check it out to give me some feed back on what u think by going to my Facebook or IG
FB: los young
IG: 2toaster Los
2toastlos@gmail. com
hit me up and show me some love y’all can also hit me on jpay

DOC #680422-D

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