Donna Millwood

Another Day, by Donna Millwood

Stress levels are through the roof here. Its not just me, its everyone. We are all in constant fear and know the safety and general well fare of our health is being compromised on a daily basis. Our hands are tied. I mean really the only thing we can do is pray. I know, I pray a lot. There still has been no releases from here and I am wondering what exactly is going on? Myself along with many others should be released to be with our families. We are on someone elses time. Spectrum health is the company who runs the program we are in and they are sending people in here daily without masks and/or protection of any kind. We are still violating social distancing laws for group all through the day. How does the safety and precautions not apply to me and the others here? The reason I think this is still continuing to happen is the billion dollar contract Spectrum has just renewed with the dept. of corrections. Typical money and political stand point. And what I believe to be the main reason I am still sitting here instead of with my family. That and the fact that no one who needs to be looking in these little 9 month programs are looking into them. Our daily classes have been modified so much that us still being held here for “treatment” seems like a waste of money. This whole program seems like a waste of money to me anyway. I really wish I knew the statistics about its success rate? it surely cannot be high enough to be worth what the state is paying. Many of the people here have been here multiple times for the program. I’m praying the program will continue to be modified and the length will eventually change to 4-6 months and get me home sooner. It used to be a 6 month program anyway. I have heard that other programs across the state have already started to close and release their inmates and parolees. I am wondering if I need to get a waiver modification? What exactly do I need to do? I am trying to put my faith in my higher power and trust that he will get me home… Its just hard to not get caught up in the turmoil and chaos here. All the gossip and hear say. Its so stressful crazy. I do have a praise report to tell you about… The facility here finally fixed my phone list so I can now call home to my family 🙂 I am so grateful to have been able to hear their sweet little voices. Now if I could just get some pictures of them off of my Facebook I would be doing better emotionally for sure. It really is the small things in life. You know? We don’t get visits here right now because of the virus. So to get pictures of my family and to be able to talk to them too, I would be winning. If anyone reading this is interested in helping with my dilemma my Facebook is Donna Millwood and my profile picture is me as an angel and my cover photo is of me and Rod with heart glasses on. Just a tid bit of information that will be useful in case any one was to extend a hand. Anyhoo, I have decided to spend the remainder of my day reading the Rembrandt affair and avoiding all gossiping and rumors related to my situation and the corona virus… I can’t handle the stress. All I find myself doing is worrying and never getting any answers. I refuse to believe all the negative talk and rumors that are saying parolees aren’t up for release. That just seems very illogical in so many ways. I believe that god will get me home to my family. That he is gonna open the doors and gates here for me. I will walk free from here to my family when the releases do start. I believe with my whole heart that I will be home soon. Please pray for my release! and for my strength to make it through my rough days here. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I’m open to any feed back, ideas and advice. I also apologize if Im running this situation in the mud. Its just my very real reality. Im living in total confusion and stress daily. And we are supposed to be in a therapeutic community here… lol.. So not funny. And so far from the truth. OK I’m done. Have a blessed day!

Donna Millwood #1251990
po box 839
hawkinsville ga 31036


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