Stimulus for the Forgotten, by Smith Aakifah

When the safe at home order came into effect. The world was unprepared for what saw, heard ,seen and felt. The state of the world attacked by an virus that is taking our lives faster than cancer,aids or any other disease. It was also crippling the riches nation. So how could we be prepared? From going to the stock market ringing it’s bell with high in stock prices. To next every day the stock brokers shaking there heads in disbelief. That the stock dropped faster than the glory of the Astros winning the world series. From american on the grind of holding full/part time jobs.And sometime complaining it’s not enough time in a day. To having to file for unemployment. All in the matter of two to three weeks.And now going stir crazy with to much time on our hands. 2020 means perfect vision. Nobody could have every envisioned this would be our start of 2020. Thousands of Americans become infected by a covid-19 viru.A virus that is taking the lives of so many,it’s heartbreaking. A virus that has rapidly crippled our economy. Unemployment rate dropped to a all time low 3.3 million. Only to be doubled within two weeks with a filing of 6.6 millions,americans filing for unemployment.Democratic and Republican together not since 911 in unity. To pass a stimulus bill for unemployed American. A two trillion dollars stimulus bill. To help our economy 1,200 for single and 2,400 for families. I am grateful American can unite under adversity.A through this we prevail, and stand tall.
# America STRONG
There is an hashtag we use #wereallinthistogether. I hope this is true for there is another infected and effected (covid-19),population the prison. If you are not of elderly or 90dys or less of release in the prison population. Then you suddenly might feel like your in game of childhood tag. Awaiting for someone to touch you and say you got it(covid-19). We have to provide hand soap to wash our own hand, we have to maneuver to attain disinfectant to clean our cells, We have covid-19. cases and our scared of speaking up do to treatment and non treatment. This is the harsh and real reality. I respect Harvey Levin(TMZ),Van Jonhson (Reform Alliance) Colby Lenz(California Women’s Coalition) Miriam Aroni Krisky (Fair Just Persecution) Cardi B and countless real others,who our not afraid to get to the truth,tell the truth and not concerned of the repercussion of delivering it. The truth is there is a forgotten society(prison) that is getting released with asthmatic symptoms and covid-19 symptoms. Do stay at home orders, staff was not allowed to come in to work. It started with no self-help group ,and religious services. Then it was no educational and job trade. To complete lockdown. Inmates that depend on there monthly wages for hygienes,food and a means , to believe it or not clean.Suddenly do not have that income. Inmates that family support them monthly no longer have that income, due to unemployment. With families and inmates both being unemployed. How is an inmate suppose to provide for themselves when they no longer have the means or there families? The canteen within the institution makes roughly 100,000 every month,( note every month). The funds goes into an account the is called an inmate welfare fund. This account was made by inmates when they purchase monthly items from canteen. From money by the inmate and money supported by families and etc..So as we the prison faces unemployment. Can the Secretary of CDRC Ralph M. Diaz, Governor Gavin Newsome and anyone who is willing to help create a stimulus budget for the California State Prisoner’s. I can write this without trying to make a solution to a problem. Taken California Institute for Women State as a pilot program. Allot an inmate $25.00 on their account along with and indiegent kit. Providing each inmate with $25.00 would be 1/4 of the monthly income from canteen and commissary. To provide for necessities and other things that an inmate my pay for on a monthly basis. This also eases the same emotional distress and anxiety that which individuals feels society.California says we’re all in this together if this true. Then nobody should be overlooked. Help the unemployed forgotten.

Smith Aakifah W#45481
16756 Chino Corona Rd
Corona, CA 92880

or log unto Jpay media for email correspondence Smith W#45481

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