John Mcconnell

Partner vs. A Companion, by John Mcconnell

A blog by Mac.

Some people say that they’re looking for companionship others seem to be looking for a partner….
To me I can find companinship in many people but it takes a lot to be my partner.
A companion will sit and be good company while I read a book for example but a partner would read the same book as I am and try to decipher it with me and ask my opinions and likes and dislikes and such. A partner is someone to really build with to make a part of your life while a companion is just some company that you keep in a certain portion of your life.
I myself was mistaken many times before when I took a companion and tried to make them into a partner when in fact they were not and still are not partner material. At the end of the day It is their loss by far and it gives me ample time to shift my focus on other important factors in my life. I will NEVER allow myself to be treated as “second class” or put on the back burner persay because I can confidently say that I am a “catch” by far and that I have very much to offer whether it be physically, emotionally, intelectually , I am a very generous person on many aspects of life and cannot wait to find the right “Partner” to share it with…..

John R. Mcconnell #A731-514
W.C.I. ( ohio )
PO BOX 120
Lebanon, OH 45036
and on JPay
Eds.. 5/2036

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