Demetrius Copeland

Destiny, by Demetrius

Destiny is mine. My past will not define who I am because like my past, my present will come to pass. My future is yet to be so I make plans for the next obstacle I will certainly surpass. The one who can delay my growth in life is me, so I strive to know thy self to open up my own heart and mind to live. The subjugation of beliefs and my values are built on the foundation of my soul, I have to stand for something so I don’t lose all of myself control.
My destiny is mine, so I live everyday remolding the condition of my addescent I’ll wisely make the choices and decisions I must make in order to sublime. I’m my own worst enemy as well as my own be friend, it is I who dwells on my past hardships and I who will own my own mistakes and never pretend with inner peace, knowledge, love, and patience, I’ll pick up the pieces of my broken soul to live life to its fullest extent.
My destiny is mine to create, so I must not relent. My past lifestyle, I have to leaner from it and my responsibility to leave behind a legacy is something that has to be done. I’m my own man now and have to make the decisions to like one.

Demetrius Copeland
DOC #459447

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