Demetrius Copeland

The Essence, by Demetrius Copeland

Knowledge of self compels a person, man or woman to reach beyond the adolescent dreams of yesterday to simply accomplish their mature and decisive goals of today.
The future of an individual is shaped by the choices and decisions that’s made along the way, so the visions you have of yourself are unique and amazing, just don’t allow the difficulties of life to lead you astray.
You control your own destiny as well as the legacy you’ll leave behind, only you can have the compassion and humility to guide those around you who are completely bliud, but first you have to find yourself, because the bliud can not lead the bliud.
Its a struggle trying to decipher something that we really don’t understand, we just have to fin strength inside of ourselves to continue to face what lies a head the essence of life is self growth, because once you figure out who you are as a person, you begin to see your own self worth.
No one can tear down what you’ve built within yourself, because for self you know what work.
The essence of yourself is clear and there is no one who could ever take away the struggle you’ve endured and self love and self respect is what will always keep us pure.

Demetrius Copeland
DOC #459447

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