ANOTHER DAY, by Vernon Brown

One more day of life.
One more opportunity to make the best of it.
Time waits for no one, and tomorrow is promised to the same. So it is imperative that we take advantage of this day. The cemetery is full of those who wish for another chance t make a difference.
How long will you slumber? How long will you remain the same?
Your name on a stone can right no wrong.
Care before you get there.
All of this from one who’s incarcerated?
My movement is limited. My physicality is limited.
But my mind is free! And it takes me where I need to be.
Whether m standing in the town’s square, or in the middle of the prison yard, the message is the same.
WAKE UP! Wash your hands. Put on a mask.
I’ve been doing that for most of my life. Not due to “corony” (covid-19), but to keep my sanity, and keep out foolishness.

DOC #A482002

Categories: COVID-19, Vernon Brown

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