Travis Tucker

Role Reversal, by TRAVIS TUCKER

This is dedicated to the youth that’s lost in the matrix!

First I would like to say if we don’t know our history then we are already dead!!!Enjoy the matrix,you have been inserted into a system of control thought,learned behavior….The matrix is an illusion that appears real.The illusion in itself is what it represents unlimited resources to happiness,when in fact it arms you with unlimited resources to destroy your self!!!Thus the pins are inserted,the poison starts to seep in your blood screen infecting the central nervous system in ways that cause the body to react to the brain signal’s that the poison has sat root in causing a chemical imbalance when logic and reason is no longer the natural way of thinking,But the poison that triggers the brain to project thought is religion the first form of fear,a daughter being born to look up to her mother for protection nourishment,guidance,and discipline with no father figure in sight,the figure is yearned for and begins to take the form of the street’s,Older men multiple men to balance the lack of a mans affection or touch,A mans presents is a form of strength and warmth she draws from and confides in the overall family structure of man and woman to be a natural act of nature to give balance by way of love to the child…The foods and liquids we feed our young is another vital part of this matrix system that promotes death by way of a mental then physical suicidal lynching… These foods are the endless commercials of process meats McDonald’s, whom hamburgers hamburgers I once let sit out for 72 hours in the heat and came back to observe it,it still looked identical to when I payed for it…the chemicals that sustains the meat calls all sorts of Cancers,and harm to ones organs and immune system.It is a fact that any beef that stays in your system over 24 hours is causing it harm.Pizza hut,Arbys,beer,liquor,Newport’s,video games,violent movies,politics,controlled news,pork/bacon on every sandwich you see.What is so important or delicious about the pig???This is essentially the worst meat in existence, the salt intake is so high partially because the pig has no sweat glands to release the poison’s after he releases his waste he then eats it again and eats everything in its proximity and never gets tired of eating…the obesity rate here in the west is indicative of this same mentality of the pig!When we consume these wild animals we essentially consume there history,You are what you eat its in the blood!And we too have developed a thirst for blood and are eating our own waste by eating the poison and bringing it back home and shooting our own brothers and sisters dead in the street’s…The designers of this system first had to master imagery and sound vibrations,Then they had to know our natures,before one can go against his nature he has to be denatured.meaning he or she has to be stripped of everything they knew,They culture,religion,language and it most be replaces with a new one.The African people that was bought over here through the transatlantic slave trade did not speak English,they were not Christian’s,They did not eat pork…Coming out of the Jim Crow era African American’s was a lot more unifyed and possessed a semi family structure foundated on Christianity,and black love and solace,even the music projected freedom,equality and self elevation.As we enter the 80es when the CIA allowed the illegal flow of powder cocaine,heroin,etc…People of color coming back from the military with learned drug usage and depression was the melting pot for pure chaos and confusion,We were already dead!!!Economically,politically,spirituality etc…The music we once confided in was consciously redirected in a form that reflected our reality,poverty stricken,self hate inflicted learned behavior…The Masons or 10% who exert control of 85% of world affairs by way of banking, symbols that inflict inferiority complexes,White power,Television programs that promote white superiority, black degradation all the way to the dictionary to the Blackman being the first one to die on the show’s…The Blackman playing roles of homosexuality,and pimps form super fly to dolimite.To Scarface and Italian mob figure’s culture of gangsterism potrayed through a image of electron’s and photon’s that carry a vibration of destruction to your subconscious and consciousness…The music is a form of a vibrational wave that transmitt energy that moves us in a particular way or wave if were already in tune with the mental picture of this culture…I remember hearing snoop dogg say bitches ain’t shit but hoes in tricks… Degrading the black woman who already was struggling identifying self worth,My favorite artist notorious b.I.g said *step away with your fist fight ways motherfucker this ain’t back in the days*Nas had a song called *I gave you power*Whereas he rapped about being a gun*This was a generation x government scheme to create a certain attitude inside the colored communities that bred a mentality of gangsterism to create law’s, and policies to open more prison’s,Create a all seeing eye by attacking your privacy and creating more Job’s while at the same time reversing the roles of nature making my queen the head of the household,The black male has been humiliated again,Chained again essentially tricked and castrated by way of 85% dead time no parole…….removed from the world and enslaved again where a triple death has been inflicted upon him and his love ones through politricks!!!Now my son must grow up seeing images of a beautiful struggling black woman force to the work field,I spoke with my sister joy last week and over heard her and her beautiful son Lucas going back in forth about what he wanted to watch on t.v,she said Lucas watch peter pan,he screamed no I want to watch tink a bell…I seen my oldest son for the first time when he was 15,his pants was so tight I was afraid that he may have been gay…I see men more emotional then females.

And society with its western roots are constantly implanting seeds of roman/Greek thought and culture from movie’s that’s barbaric and and shows that promote homosexuality and they have created a media weapon that scares people of position to speak on social issue’s that affect our lives,our families and then nature,We are witnessing the affect of disrespecting nature the earth/universe makes man reap what he sows there is no force powerful then mother nature,some call karma I call balance…When you closely at those who rebel against life/nature for lust or intimacy they suffer more then they prosper in ways you would have to open up your eyes to see,Man was created to bring forth life with his other half Ying,Yang when life cannot be created this is only a form of lust,Love is not going against the laws of nature its respecting creation in the natural order of thing’s this law is not mines or yours its encoded In the universe then the holy bible and holy koran this act of beastality is a learned behavior and to some extent exist in our blood from our ancestors being raped.X represents estrogen as well another feminine principle that’s essentially the DNA cloth of our women,X also means in military terms to x out or x marks the spot.Our generation was targeted in a political war knowing our history tells us the south will never free a slave,The proofs in the pudding!Look at via prison reform and numbers out of every other state,This is worse then slavery I see a whole nation of black youth with more time then reality!!!All political casualties of poverty… X also represents unknown that which is in the dark,with no history,past,or present standing this generation is surely in the dark.Most my comrades come home to a residence where there queen is the sole controller and wants to remain independent while laying the rules for them to abide by and taking away from a mans providing nature,Whereas she insists on taking care of them…If we spoke the language of mathematics 123,the roles have been reversed to 231 man,woman,child…Sun,moon,stars,woman,child,man…moon,star,sun!With all this organized chaos someone has to think for us,and be our father’s… So the matrix provides endless drug’s from molly to pills,hell there even making marijuana legal a world of folly!Guess what while I think for….I get paid to do it!If the american people was halfway conscious of the sinister plot’s and schemes of its government there would be a revolution by the morning,Instead fear,anxiety mass media and conscious and unconscious puppet’s exist to not only kill themselves but to take you with them and any idiot that can’t think for himself…The symbols is a eye opener for the well trained mind and puzzle of understanding that which they rule by…Secrecy,the difference form life and death is a conscious choice!And the difference from being a coward and a activist is a monster voice!!!!Role reversal part 1…A few quotes,Religion is a crime they took a shot at my mind!!!By me…The greatest gift you can give someone is your time because that’s apart of your life you can never get back!!!fabolous…To die with dignity requires no company…Castro,my favourite line!You can only kill a man Che Guerra…You want to see change be the change you want to see in the world…Ghandi….The greatest feeling in the world is to be debt free…Confucius!I can’t love me if you don’t love yourself.. me!!!Peace to man woman and child….Pt 2 coming soon

Travis Tucker #1091722
Nottoway Correction Facility 488
burkville va,23922

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