Pandemic America…Prison Paranoia, by William Taylor

Security. That is the underlying theme here at Marion Correctional Institution.
I have survived multiple attempts on my life in my lifetime.
Gunshots, knife attacks, and assaults, but i have never faced an enemy so stealthy as this virus. i am under the protection of the state and feel totally vulnerable. I was given a handmade mask to wear and forced to stay in my living area with another man only 2-5 feet away. I share a communal bathroom and shower with 111 other men. We are at the mercy of the virus. WE are at the mercy of an uneducated public. WE are at the mercy of our own ignorance if it as well goes unchecked. I have stayed the course becoming a better human, a better man, a better servant to those around me, only to potentially fall victim to an unseen foe. i have watched the govenor address many issues with this virus that include taxpayers, the homeless, and animals. Little has been done to deal with the prison system. I am fearful for the lives of my loved ones and myself. This was not a part of my sentencing. Please pay attention.

William Taylor #357341
Po Box 57
Marion, Ohio 43301

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