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Introduction Blog, by Sean Steele

My name is Sean Steele. I am 36 years old. I have been incarcerated since I was 16. I enetered the prison system in April of 2000 and my projected release date is September of 2029. My incarceration has been a journey, however, I have managed to stay focused and I have created positive activities that helped me improve my well-being. For example, I formed a Creative Writing program called “Write It Down” which helps other prisoners learn basic writing skills and I am a member of a “Toastmasters club” which helps me improve my speaking skills while also giving me the opportunity to mentor other prisoners who may desire to become public speakers like myself. I also study law and serve as a “Jailhouse lawyer” who helps other prisoners develop legal literacy. In addition, I am a Juvenile Justice advocate who fights to change the governmental child abuse laws (GCA Laws) that sentences children to lifetimes behind bars. When I am released from prison, I plan to become a Life Coach who mentors troubled youth and teaches them about the perils of going down the wrong path as a child.
And I enjoy positive dialog, too, that discusses strategies about how to improve the lives of others. Therefore, I plan to have my own podcast one day.

For further inquiry, my contact information is:

Sean Steele #392298
P.O. Box 901
Leavittsburg, Ohio 44430

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