Keith Bond Jr.

30th, by Keith Bond Jr.

” I can’t pretend what I intend”

So many cheesy lines cross my mind .
My charm is not a mystic lie.
YU was more than easy on the eyes
I swear YU made me question
principles with pride,
knowing its unwise .
YU is like a gift from time,
why rewind time?
YU are forever in your prime.
Loving the way YU shine.

A limited edition
under the eyes of a fish man .
Lonely like a secret
YU can’t conqoure by guessing.
Understanding YU is a natural weapon ,

as I hunt for prayers .
Sharing my faith with the stars.
Searching for life like mars.
Looking forward
Going forward
towards GOD .
Underneath the flesh
my soul is bathe with scars.

From a troublesome past.
Trading in my ski mask
to be a family dad,
and a faithful friend.
The other half of our circle when we stand……

Loyalty is family

“YU can’t pretend what YU intend.”

Author: The Painter

Keith Bond ,Jr
DOC #537103

Categories: Keith Bond Jr., poems

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