Harvey Banner

Spit It Out, by Harvey Banner

nojabs, no hook not as bad as it looks
but it feels like a hit from a sledgehammer
am i
straddling life
do you know what the sound of the gavel feel like
judgin me, huh
now smiles replaced by scowl grown ass man replaced a juvenile
see me
losin but i’m still not defeated
do you know what you took
never shook
eff that
yellin at the top of my lungs
and I spit it out my mouth like blood from a punch a never took
bobbin and weavin
shufflin’ essential
cleanin blood out my eye got me seein my potential
taken body shots
bouncin off the ropes
how is my jaw broke
I still spit it out my mouth like blood from a punch I never took
dodgin my first shots as a premi
shooter didn’t care I guess he couldn’t see me
clouded brain focused on the work by the TV
nothin but low life crooks
a couple of grams was all he took
now I regurgitate the h8
again I spit it out my mouth like blood from a punch I never took.

if you enjoyed this or any of the previously written excerpts from me please feel free to contact me through jpay.com I am currently located at the Lakeland Correctional Facility in Coldwater, MI in order to correspond with me you will need to set up a jpay account and purchase stamps thank you

DOC #362241

email: JPAY.COM

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