Angelo Vasquez

HOW CLOSE WE COULD BE, by Angelo Vasquez

Thought-forms are formulated of the material composing our aura. A thought-form is a manifestation of mental activity on the astral plane. The way we create thought-forms is where ‘mental suggestion’ originates as well.
When we manifest a strong desire usually we are emotionally charged with anguish or fear. A thought-form is charged with our prana and mental-force that they are projected out of our aura ( leaving the womb of consciousness and soaring from birth comprised of the substance of our aura). Our thought-forms will share the same color as our aura because it is of the same substance and the locus of unsent thought-forms. They surround our physical vessel, and when sent they have a dim phosphorescence.
The thought-form carries the vibration of the life energy of it’s creator ( A child of the mind of the creator) and acquires a portion of her/they/his life-essence, which abides with it for a longer or shorter time after its birth. In extreme cases or efforts it becomes a semi-living elemental force of necessarily comparatively short life. Similar to light traveling in space long after the star which originated it has decayed, or like the vibrations of heat remaining in a room after the heat source has been removed and like sound waves of a drum persisting after the beat itself has ceased. It is all the matter of persistence of vibrations.
We should realize how related we are as the human race, so much so to the point of being able to send mental vibrations to one another. There is no seperation only the distance we make.

(to be continued)

Angelo Vasquez
cdc #G07505

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