Dealing with Covid-19 on the Inside, by Jason Parr

Since this virus became the disrupter of my daily life I have become a worrisome and very stressed person. I am a insulin dependent diabetic and I do not handle stress very well because I tend to over eat. I have 18 months left and I really do not want to die in here. The staff have put a lot of changes and precautions in place for our own safety, but at the same time they are not really prepared for this to sweep through the prison. This is a dormitory style prison so while they preach social distancing it’s pretty much impossible when we live and sleep at most 5ft. from one another. Once the virus gets here it will spread like a wildfire and there is not much that can be done to truly keep us healthy.

You hear all the conspiracy theories about it but I don’t pay much attention to them. I just wish the guys in here would take this more seriously. Everyone seems to think that they are immune to the virus so they act as if they don’t care. I care and I am very aware of how much contact I have with the other prisoners as well as the staff. I don’t shake hands, bump fists or elbows. To some that may seem extreme but I am going to follow all the instructions they give us and pray that things take a turn for the better soon.

Well these are my thoughts and feelings concerning the virus outbreak. I hope that everyone out in the free world do everything they can to stay home and stay safe.

If you have any comments feel free to respond and or contact me directly.


Jason Parr #A608-600
SCI 5900 BIS Rd.
Lancaster, Ohio 43130

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