Comedy (part 4), by Johnnie Harris

oh my god everybody running wild,about this corrona shit. you know its real when homeless people buy hand sanitizer. these muther fuckez ain’t washed they hands in 20 years. soon as this bitch corrona pop up everybody got ocd i can guareentee you one day you gone hear breaking news midget bites women over last piece of toilet paper. you gone see hillbillys duking it out over mops. this will be the only time in history you see skinny people fighting fat people over something other then food lol… i can bet you any amount of money you aint gone see no annoying ass jehovah’s wittness this year. you know any other time they showing up it could be the middle of winter in a blizzard, they wig could fly off they would just keep on tugging alone. i remember my mom would see the jehovah wittness coming she would make us close all the blinds and curtains, turn the tv off and radio. then we would hide in the back room.out the blue they in our room with they bibles out, we did everything but lock the door. its like they just said a prayer then turned the knob. my mom would have the weakest excuses for hiding like young and the restless coming on haha… or i cant find my wig or i aint clean up yet. like they will care they aint white we from the hood it could be clothes 3 feet high and they would gladly climb they ass over them clothes and have a seat.i can just imagine that the homeless people was clueless to what corrona was just off this day a homeless guy pop up and look at his neighbor and say did you hear about some bitch name corrona giving people that shit? yeah they say she bad. I heard that bitch just popped up around the corner,they say she cold. why they scared of this bitch she must got some hot ass breath!!! that or her pussy smell like lake Erie yeah true that player. you want to go meet the bitch or should I ? if I was homeless I would sneeze all over a rich man ferarri and say aww shit the docter was right its corrona!!! did you hear about the dude on the internet who bought $17,000 worth of hand sanitizers lol… I can just see his ass now cuddling with all that shit at night. he probably leave the house with a special holster to carry 10 at a time like he in a western movie or some. my name Johnnie Harris keep smiling america.

Johnnie Harris
DOC #664-626

Categories: COVID-19, Johnnie Harris

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